One day in the life of a well-being provider

an alarm clock and time management displayed on a keyboard, representing a day in the life of an art therapist

Maria considers having a Virtual Assistant another vital part of self-care. Dealing with all the admin outside of sessions, especially in the midst of developing a private practice, would be too much without a Virtual Assistant. Interacting with another human makes business planning more enjoyable, raising levels of inspiration and keeping procrastination at bay. Maria has been able to hand over draining tasks, like invoicing clients and find a rhythm that works really well for her. With extra time, it’s possible to increase her caseload of private clients, while also spending more quality time with family.

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How to deal with (or avoid) growing pains in your wellness business

Hand holding a plant, symbolising business growing pains

As a wellness provider, you fully embrace growth and often support others along their journeys. But perhaps you’d rather avoid the stress of running a business? Fair enough! You specialised in supporting people, not marketing, admin or business planning. So here are some tips on how to connect with more clients, without getting overwhelmed by business growing pains.

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