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We're here to help others help more!

Adminly will be your platform,  helping you to fully focus on your customers and enjoy more free time. We want to help you help more!

We are gearing up to effectively run and ultimately expand your business with personalised support from our human virtual assistants.

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    We are creating this service with and for well-being providers, like you!

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    Pre-pilot well-being providers

    Adminly has been tested and developed for 2 years, with the best tools and practices available.

    We’ve provided assistance to providers for more than 400 hours, with incredible gain for our providers and growth to our team.

    Highly skilled and qualified team of professionals working non stop to bring adminly to the market

    To be able to launch in the best condition possible, we’ve been working with our pilot clients to be able to acess the market needs.

    We're here to revolutionise your business!

    Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you waste every day with administrative tasks? How much could your business have grown by now?

    Adminly will be a platform for providers who want to fully focus on their customers, enjoy more time with friends and family or just have additional head space for other priorities. Because you are the core of your business.

    We truly care about your work and your well-being, which is why we created Adminly, Get more freedom and time with personalised support from our assistants and platform.

    Check out our animation to see how Adminly can help you!

    All-in-one platform


    Adminly is an all-in-one platform built to automate and simplify administrative, marketing and business-related tasks. 

    This platform is specifically designed for providers of well-being services, such as meditation, yoga, psychotherapy and many others. 

    Easily leverage user-friendly tools to help provide your services, including calendars, booking features, linked payment methods, client contacts and information, private notes, and much more.

    Human Virtual Assistants


    In addition to the tech-driven solutions, we believe the human touch is invaluable

    Therefore, on Adminly we offer the support of professional Virtual Assistants to just help you navigate the platform or even support your business with administrative solutions and marketing plans.

    Our Human VA’s can provide many different services depending on your business needs, including customer service, project management, event organising, marketing, social media, finances, research and development, and more.

    Data Security


    Data privacy is at the core of MetaProvide’s philosophy. Adminly is a secure tool for your business, with the full safety of your data guaranteed. Permissions and data access are always under your control, even when receiving services from our Virtual Assistants. All our products are made without data mining techniques and implementations. Your data will remain just that, yours. We are fully GDPR compliant. Our goal is to provide a safe space for you and your business, for you to help others and to help more.



    Our primary motivation is to help others help more.

    We believe that it is possible to create a successful wellness business with marketing and administrative services centered on the well-being of providers and customers

    Motivated by our core values of kindness, integrity, trustworthiness and sustainability, we aim to build Adminly around your business needs.

     With a more efficient business, you can focus on helping your clients in the best way possible and have more time to enjoy your personal life.

    Some Positive Feedback That Encourage Us

    qqq (1)
    Thanks to Kristen's help and support I feel there is more creativity within myself. Its a learning process to be able to tell her how she can help me. This is an excellent exercise because it makes me reflect on the things that I really need help with or the things I need to do and things I would like to do. The experience of working with Meta Provide has been great, I appreciate the curiosity and interest people have shown in understanding how I work
    Stephan Pende
    Collaborating with my VA evolved in an unexpected way, it is having a positive impact on how I conduct my work. Her perspective introduced me to things I hadn't thought of before which can bring a good contribution to reaching my objectives and self development as well as what my clients expect of me, what are people looking for. In practical terms the relationship pushed me to work on my website and I am now considering the idea of starting a podcast. I Love the energy of the people working for the project, it's such a diverse group of people coming together and sharing the same purpose. This project is not only practical or simply a business, but a project driven by a process of self discovery and purpose.
    Joao Feliz Barreira
    You helped me clarifying things I wasn't even sure of how I could formulate them. MetaProvide is assisting me with the 'online secretary' (VA) and website building. I see this as an opportunity to create a meaningful and secure interface to provide resources, (example free guided meditations), not only to advertise my services. I Feel a sense of respect from all the team members I had contact with. There is a sense of gentleness in finding out the details of what I need by really listening and putting care in the 'details' without probing, being demanding and without jumping ahead of the process. I feel like I am being heard.
    Suvaco Norman Hansen

    Join our waiting list and be the first to test our product!

    Join our waiting list and be the first one to test our product! 

    Adminly is looking for the first providers to help us help more. 

    Subscribe to uor waiting listo to connect with our team and grow your business with this amazing tool.

     Adminly is more than a software solution, is a human first solution to keep the core of your business available, you.

      We use Sendinblue as our marketing platform. By Clicking below to submit this form, you acknowledge that the information you provided will be transferred to Sendinblue for processing in accordance with their terms of use.