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How to deal with (or avoid) growing pains in your wellness business

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As a wellness provider, you fully embrace growth and often support others along their journeys. But perhaps you’d rather avoid the stress of running a business? Fair enough! You specialised in supporting people, not marketing, admin or business planning. So here are some tips on how to connect with more clients, without getting overwhelmed by business growing pains. 

Try an all-in-one platform

Ever double-booked sessions because it’s hard to access an up-to-date schedule? Or maybe you showed up late to an online session because you weren’t sure which conferencing platform to use? Don’t let these pains grow with your business! Remove this stress and be fully present for your client by using an all-in-one platform.   

An all-in-one platform combines all the tools you need for your business into one place. No need to rack you brain for passwords to access your calendar, emails, Skype account…and all those other apps that you’re trying to juggle! Makes it easier for you and your clients to get organised and stay connected by accessing all these tools on one platform.   

There are many all-in-one admin platforms already out there, but we developed Adminly specifically for wellness providers, like you! Everything you need for your well-being services is on one safe platform, including: calendars, booking features, payment methods, client contacts, records, and private notes.

Save a lot (of time and energy) by hiring a virtual assistant

Hiring a virtual assistant can be life-changing for both your professional and personal life. It’s not just money you’ll save in the long run, but also lots of time and energy. Simply put: a virtual assistant does all those tedious tasks you’d rather not do. So you can focus on what YOU do best—helping clients grow and improve their lives. 

When deciding whether or not to hire a virtual assistant, think of what tasks are draining, repetitive or difficult (like administrative work). Then, write down an estimated time for each task. A good rule of thumb: if it takes up more than 10% of your day, get help! Why not hand over your business growing pains to someone else?!

VAs have become increasingly popular in the past few year, offering a wide range of specialised services. Some of the services provided by Adminly VAs include: customer relations, project management, event organising, marketing, social media, financial management, as well as research and development. 

Reach more clients (without extra stress)

An essential part of growing your wellness business is reaching more clients. You can do this with a well-built brand that illustrates how your services can improve people’s lives. Your website and social media are an important part of this process because they are the first impression you make on people looking for support. 

You’re already skilled at building meaningful connections with clients, but reaching out through your website and social media is different. Maybe you even feel uncomfortable advertising yourself and your services online? Never fear, this is one of the many ways VAs can help.

VAs can manage both your website and social media. They’ll keep everything up-to-date while freeing up your time. So you can focus on providing the best services to your clients without worrying about how outdated your website looks! 

Actually...growing pains are good. They mean you’re growing!

It can be tempting to just throw up your hands and give up when you find yourself facing a new challenge, but you’re not alone! Leveraging all-in-one platforms like Adminly and getting support from VAs can greatly alleviate the stress and anxiety of growing a business.   

Although some business growing pains may be unavoidable, remember they mean you’re growing…which is great! Your wellness services are valuable and you’re ultimately helping more people.

Clients seek your guidance for personal growth and you also deserve support as your business grows. Adminly is happy to help you on this journey, so do get in touch if you’d like more support!

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