Virtual assisstants

Our great differential is our Human Virtual Assistants, who are here to help with everything you need. The intention here comes from the action of caring. We take care of tasks that can be delegated because they take up a lot of your time or even because they are boring.

Behind this journey, there is the purpose of delivering something extremely valuable to the Provider, time. Time for him to focus on himself, personally or professionally, time for him to focus on doing what he really loves, without the mundane distractions.

And what are these services that can be offered? How can our VA’s help?

Our Human VAs can provide many different services depending on your business needs, including:

  • Customer service; Schedule management;

  • Project and client management; Provider onboarding;

  • Event organising and promotion; Developing and evaluating marketing strategies;

  • Social media (management and content creation); Finances;

  • Research and development; Bookkeeping and managing payments;

  • Administrative solutions and tasks; Task coordination;

  • Organize communications, meetings, travel, etc; Provider onboarding;

  • Analyze data and outcomes; Help define goals;

  • Provide moral support during challenges/difficulties; Create and maintain a personal website(s);

  • Provide encouragement for achieving provider’s goals; Edit video/audio clips;

For every pain, we try to find a solution! In addition, we know that each Provider is a unique individual and has its specific pains, so each Provider has its services customized according to your needs.

When observing testimonials from Providers who are connected with us on this journey, it is clear that they all share a common feeling. The meetings between Provider and his VA end up becoming moments of lightness and reflection, a moment of pause, which ends up bringing countless insights. The VA, an external person committed body and soul to the Provider’s goals, helps you to have an expanded perception of your own business, being able to see things “with new eyes”, visualizing details that previously seemed to be hidden.

It is important to remember that in the midst of the whole process, there is a lot of love and affection involved. Our VA’s have the delicacy to deliver all of themselves in the journeys they travel. Therefore, we believe that the human touch is invaluable.