One day in the life of a well-being provider

an alarm clock and time management displayed on a keyboard, representing a day in the life of an art therapist

Maria considers having a Virtual Assistant another vital part of self-care. Dealing with all the admin outside of sessions, especially in the midst of developing a private practice, would be too much without a Virtual Assistant. Interacting with another human makes business planning more enjoyable, raising levels of inspiration and keeping procrastination at bay. Maria has been able to hand over draining tasks, like invoicing clients and find a rhythm that works really well for her. With extra time, it’s possible to increase her caseload of private clients, while also spending more quality time with family.

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Developing our Adminly platform with a human touch

Virtual Assistant working on the Adminly platform
Virtual Assistant working on the Adminly platform

Developing our Adminly platform with a human touch

The human touch is at the core of MetaProvide’s philosophy. With Adminly, we don’t just offer tech-driven solutions. Our human Virtual Assistants are available to help you both navigate the Adminly platform and find administrative solutions for growing your wellness business.

Depending on your business needs, working with an Adminly VA can help you find personalised solutions for day-to-day pains. Our VAs assist with customer service, marketing, social media, event organising, calendar management, finances, research and other admin needs you may have.

As well as working with providers directly on the Adminly platform, VAs played an integral role during our research and development phase. Meeting weekly with 10 pre-pilot providers, our VAs could accurately identify their individual business pains and needs. This close working relationship ultimately enabled our Product Team to build a functional platform, tailor-made to help providers help more.

How was our Virtual Assistant Research conducted?

Working as a bridge between providers and our Product Team, VAs assessed administrative pains and needs through weekly meetings. They aimed to help providers grow their businesses, while also helping the Product Team create a platform with the right solutions for well-being providers across Europe.

During one-on-one meetings, our VAs tested new and personalised administrative solutions, supporting both providers’ business growth and the Product Team’s development work. VAs created forms and mind-maps, built websites, maintained social media accounts, organised events and managed calendars.

With input from VA Research, our Product team built the Adminly platform to include:

  • Secure video conferencing and chat
  • Link for scheduling appointments
  • User-friendly dashboard
  • Easy access to client information

Our research and development continue, to offer new features (watch this space):

  • Auto-fill for emails
  • Payment check (with Stripe)
  • Different levels of access
  • Burnout protection system
  • Booking plug-in for websites
  • VA time management
  • Research storage
  • Rating system

Our Virtual Assistants also developed and tested Adminly’s Micro-services, which include:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Website and Logo development
  • Social media management
  • Audio and video editing
  • Branding
  • Podcast guide
  • Content creation

What we've learned through VA Research?

As private practitioners and personal business owners, most of our pre-pilot providers needed a helping hand to manage the administrative part of their businesses. Doing all this work alone took too much time and felt overwhelming.

With the help of VAs, providers could accomplish some business tasks they had previously found impossible, such as branding and social media. Our providers now have more free time to support their clients, with many increasing their caseloads.

At the same time, they enjoy more time for their personal lives. Now we’re combining the Adminly platform and VA services, excited to help more providers find the right solutions for their businesses.

GDPR Demystified for Small Business Owners

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with lock symbol

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that sets guidelines for collecting and processing personal information from individuals who live in the European Union (EU). The Regulation applies regardless of where websites are based, if they attract European visitors.

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How to deal with (or avoid) growing pains in your wellness business

Hand holding a plant, symbolising business growing pains

As a wellness provider, you fully embrace growth and often support others along their journeys. But perhaps you’d rather avoid the stress of running a business? Fair enough! You specialised in supporting people, not marketing, admin or business planning. So here are some tips on how to connect with more clients, without getting overwhelmed by business growing pains.

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Well-being provider using the all-in-one Adminly platform

We built Adminly to support wellness and healthcare providers with their unique needs as private practitioners and business owners. In developing this platform, we’ve had the honour of working with psychotherapists, Dharma practitioners, meditation and Yoga teachers, and other incredible professionals.
One such professional is Luke Williams, a UK registered psychotherapist specialised in a person-centred approach. Luke has been part of the Adminly project since April 2022 and was happy to share with his Virtual Assistant a bit about himself, his practice and work with Metaprovide.

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